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FRE(E)MENby Julie Marie Gene Gobelin

I wish I could grow a beard. I’d shave my head so I could look like this. 

I’m pretty sure this man is a witch.

Omfg that is so cool.


Reblogging again because daymn.

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on a journey.

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[looks fondly at character]

ah, there he is. that motherfucker. what a tool

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Maria Bradley
Photo : Tetsu Kubota
Fashion Editor / Stylist : Maher Jriti

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looking for: someone with a lot of money whose parents are nagging them to get married but they dont want that kind of emotional commitment. i will be your spouse and you can cheat on me whenever you want i dont even care. you can have an orgy in our bedroom. just leave me your credit card and buy me a corvette. i feel like this is a fair transaction.

a lot of people have been adding comments in the tag on this post saying “YEAH BUT NOT A CORVETTE” and i think you’re all missing the point here. its not about the type of car, ya dingdongs, its about the AMOUNT of car. the amount of car should be equal to a credit card with no limit. that is a lot of car.

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i think im staying home from class today i woke up having panic attacks ha ha ha fun

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fuck yeah! fashion! | house of holland spring ready-to-wear 2014

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